Mounting and dismounting of the MULTINUT


The quick mounting MULTINUT is pushed gently over the thread to the stop, locked by pressing it and finally tightened by turning the spanner a quarter- to a half-turn to the required torque.

Advantages of the quick mounting system

Quick fitting means for you:

  • No searching for the thread
  • No issues in case of a damaged thread
  • No screwing of nut towards the stop
  • No holding of screw or threaded rod for fixation necessary
  • Easy mounting in tight and non-visible areas
  • No ratchet spanner needed
  • No encompassing for long threads
  • Up to 90 % time saving


For dismounting of quick mounting MULTINUT, it is released by turning the spanner a quarter- to a half-turn, unlocked, and finally pulled off the thread of the screw or bolt.

Advantages of the quick dismounting system

  • Quick dismounting of connection by loosen the quick mounting MULTINUT, moving of sleeve and easy pull off the nut the from thread
  • No resistance caused by paint residues, rust or damaged threads
  • No seizure on the thread possible
  • Up to 90 % time saving

Click here for viewing a video of functionality of quick mounting MULTINUT.